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      Tips: Which shade are you?
      Earth tone is not the only option for bride on wedding day. Let's try something new, colorful and unique style from beauty expert of Marriage Studio.
      1. Pale Girl: All you need is shading and dimension. Soft pink, tawny and beige tones work best for alabaster complexions.
      Shade: Always have blush on and pink lip gloss in your bag. No matter glimmer or matte, try darker eye shadow shade and swirl on pink soft petal hue for delicate flush.
      Don't!: Use pearl powder or shimmer is extremely prohibit for fair skin, not only make you look ill but also oily look.
      2. Fair Girl: Many girl dream of your skin. Look for yellow undertones and gold flecks to take basic nudes and taupes from blah to beautiful.
      Shade: Observe your undertone. Mostly Asians are yellow undertone which perfectly matches with orange brown and gold. For European skin which is pink undertone, cool tone such as green, blue and silver will enhance your beauty.
      Don't!: Try to conceal your undertone, natural is the best.
      3. Medium Girl: Sexy skin don't need much make over. Just concentrate on the seduce eye with dewy shade like caramel and honey and all the boys must defeat you.
      Shade: Golden-Bronze is made for medium skin. Such as Jennifer Lopez who glow her natural beautifully with golden-bronze. A swoosh of vibrant pink from your apples to your cheekbones gives pretty definition. Some dimension in the eyes with nude lip and there you go, a little pussy cat.
      Don't!: Never wear Barbie pink lips. It transfer contact in the eyes to your thick lip which pop out from your face. Use only beige or nude.
      4. Dark Girl: This is the ideal skin of make up artist. You might not believe that this skin tone is nice with colorful shade.
      Shade: To add depth and definition to lips, cheeks and eyes, look for rich metallic hues like burnt copper and bronze or bright berry tones. A pigment-packed violet gloss will delivers a beautiful punch of color or try chocolate dip for dramatic look.
      Don't!: When it comes to foundation, the darker the skin, the more spot-on you have to be with color. Find the foundation that really matches to your skin. Try with natural light and flash to find the best of your shade. Also beware the color, control shade and always use darker tone such as dark green, deep blue, velvet is work on your skin better than lime, light blue or shocking pink.
      However, no matter which shade you are just control your look. Focus on your best part, don't emphasize everything at the same time if you don't want to look like an old lady.
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