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     Steps before start: Before meet our planner
     1. Set Budget and desire
     Bride and groom must know what you want and what you like. The main factor is budget. You should divide your budget to each detail, for example 5,000 bht. for flower 30,000 bht. for catering. This willing to help you so much to control the budget. However, you must be flexible. Somehow the main part might over your limit. Remember that, keep what you need and leave what you want.
     2. Guest
    Guest is a factor that directly affects your budget. If you have accurately guest amount, it would help you to choose the wedding theme. Type of guest is the first consideration. In the ceremony that most guests are mid-adult or oldies, formal theme is the most appropriate. However, if you want more casual theme, you better have some space for them to relax between the processing.
     3. Wedding Theme
     Whenever you clearly with the 1 and 2 steps then you are ready to tell our wedding planner what is your ideal wedding. Our planner will help you find solutions that match all of your needs much faster.
     These are the first step the bride and groom should have in mind before meet up with our expert, so that we can serve you the best services for your highest satisfaction.
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